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In Memoriam: Ronald F. Malan

Ron Malan It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ron Malan, longtime president of the Piedmont Families Organization. Without his efforts, this website would not have been possible.

Ron truly knew the meaning of the word “service”. He never hesitated to help people learn how to find their Waldensian ancestors. While working at Brigham Young University, he developed a “home study” course that focused on Waldensian genealogy. Much of the content on this website originally appeared in his “home study” course.

His fund raising efforts over the years has enabled the PFO, with the assistance of Giovanni Cena, to abstract more than 11,000 pages of Waldensian notary, tax, census and exile records. His desire to share this information with all people of Waldensian heritage led to the creation of the Waldensian.Info website.

Ron will surely be missed but not forgotten.

More information can be found at the Malan Family Blog.