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Notary Records for Val San Martino

ValGermansca Image

Val San Martino refers to the northern Waldensian valleys created by the Germansasca River and its tributaries. It takes its name from the twelfth century church built the area. On modern maps the valley is called Val Germanasca. The notary records refer to more than 80 towns, villages and valleys from Perosa on the east to Prali on the south to Macello on the north. The most frequently mentioned locations are Prali (22%), Faetto (14%), Riclaretto (11%), Rodoretto (11%), Massello (9%), Salza (5%), Maneglia (4%), Traverse (3%), and Perrero (3%).

The steep terrain and harsh winters limit agriculture and industry. Population in most locations has declined significantly since the early 1800s, a trend that continues in recent decades. Tourism, mining and recreational activities are the most important industries.

Click HERE to see a map of the area.

Brackets [like this] indicate the years included in the volume when the years covered do NOT appear in the headings of the volume.

Volumes are listed chronologically. Due to renumbering by the State Archives, the volume numbering is not always chronological.

Val San Martino

We are grateful to the State Archives, Torino for providing access to these records, and to Giovanni Cena for his generous efforts to abstract them.