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The Will of Daniel Malan - 1785

By Ronald F. Malan

After decades of searching, the will of Daniel Malan (1717-1787) has been found—and the confusion about his families can cease. The great-grandfather of immigrant Jean (John) Daniel Malan, he was son of Jean Malan (1693-1773) and Marie Reymonet-Jourdan (1693- ). The will proves that he married twice; by his 1st wife he had only sons, and by his 2nd wife he had only daughters—unless he also had children who died so young as not to be named in the will.

Both families are in FamilySearch Family Tree; please do not re-enter them. Here is my English version of the will abstract:

Will of Daniel MALAN son of deceased Goianni of Angrogna, naming his 1st wife deceased Margarita “SIBELIA” [SUBILIE in the Piedmont Project]; and their sons Gioanni (“semi-imbecile”), Daniele (married), and Stefano; his 2nd wife deceased Margarita RIVOIRE; and their daughters Margarita, Anna, and Susanna. (State Archives, Torino; abstract by correspondence). Luserna volume 472 page 227, 24 Dec 1785.

To see a scanned image of the will, click HERE.