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Waldensian Miscellanea

This section provides articles of Waldensian interest from various sources including past issues of the PFO Report and Malan Monitor newsletter. The subject matter includes Waldensian lifestyle, culture and history.

Waldensian History: A Brief Sketch

The Historical Novel, Rora, by James Byron Huggins –
A Glimpse into Waldensian Life in the Mid-1600s:

The Traditional Waldensian Naming Pattern

The Durand-Canton Family: A Peek at Waldensian Life

Falsified Waldensian Pedigrees

A Brief History of Early Malans

The 1481 Affirmation of Freedom for Angrogna Families

Waldensian DNA Project

Waldensian Customs that Can Affect Your Research

Waldensian Compound Surnames

An Even Earlier Antonietto Gardiol

The Misleading 1666 Will of Giacomo Avondet

Daniel Malan Will - 1785