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How to Do Waldensian Research

This section provides a number of resources, tips and reference guides to help you research your Waldensian family history.

5 Simple Steps to Finding Your Waldensian Ancestors

Step 1 – Trace your ancestors from yourself to your immigrant Waldensian ancestor.
  • What you need to have—or get: click HERE
Step 2 – Use the Waldensian Collected Genealogies to use the research of others to extend your ancestry.
  • Compiled genealogies of the Waldensian ancestors of PFO members—over 5,000 Waldensians already documented into families (downloadable using the GEDCOM file format):  click HERE

  • Rev. Jean Jalla’s “Family Summaries”. To see his 86 Waldensian surname summaries, click HERE
Step 3 – Use the Waldensian Parish Registers to extend your ancestry to about 1700.
  • The Parish Registers including the Piedmont Project—family groups extracted from the Parish Registers: click HERE
Step 4 – Use the Claims of Returned Waldensian Exiles and the Waldensian Exile Records to extend your ancestry 1 or 2 more generations.
  • Abstracts of the Inheritance Claims (1697) of the Exile Survivors: click HERE

  • The List of over 3,900 Waldensian Exiles in Switzerland and Germany (1686-1690): click HERE
Step 5 – Use the Waldensian Notary Records to extend your ancestry to the early 1600s or even the late 1500s.
  • Abstracts of the Waldensian Notary Records (about 1609-about 1709): click HERE

Follow these 5 steps for each of your Waldensian ancestral surnames.

To learn about other Waldensian resources, click HERE.

Other research reference guides and tips also available on this website: